Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Challenges When I Travel Abroad

I feel most of the people loves to travel and explore new places or visit their favourites places again and again. I absolutely love to explore new countries to know their culture, atmosphere, people, style of living and their problems and challenges. Every time, it is a new experience and adventure for me, but yes there are some challenge(s) those teach me new lesson and remind me every time, when I plan to go for a trip.

I hope you will also relate with these challenges:-

  • Lost or forget your passport: - This is the biggest mistake; we do most of the time while travelling to overseas, so please make sure that you have carried your  passport with you, when you leave your place to Airport. Sometimes this mistake will ruin your complete trip, so take care of it. 
  • Bring your must have medicine: - This can be a biggest mistake; in terms of your health. While you pack your luggage or bag, must carry your prescribed medicines those are required on any cost.  Also you have to carry a small first AID kit precautionary; it might be required during the journey or trip.
  • Getting through the long lines of Travelers: - I find Travelers the most 'unspectacular’ part of travel. I feel I am most uneasy during this process and, for a small moment of time, the fun adventure of travel is no further of you by the unmanaged Customs officers that tint and repeat all inquiries to check if that can catch you out as a terrorist, swindler, smuggler or whether you should be accused with war crimes.
  • Sitting next to a disgusting traveler on the plane:-  Particularly one that doesn't know common airplane politeness. It also includes the behavior and etiquettes which makes your journey hell. Sometimes, it also includes sitting behind a passenger that continuously has their seat rested.
  • Not having adequate local currency on arrival: - When you have landed at airport and started to explore the place; you feels like you are getting 'financially raped' so please expense your money where it requires. Even, you can exchange your national currency to the local currency, but be careful about the inadequate expenses. 
  • Taxi drives that you sense are not taking you the shortest route to your hotel or your destination or may be your next mode of transport.
  • Don’t try the local food if you are not confident, it will create a problem, if it is against your habit/ body. It sucked out your stomach and trip too.
  • Knowledge of the basic idioms at the country you just arrived in. It would be awesome, if you know or learn the basic idioms to say, "Hello", "Please" and "Thank You" as fast as I can, otherwise the local people of that country will not be friendly to you.
  • Must know the prohibited areas in the country you are visiting:- Going to the wrong part of town, especially at night, can be scary and harmful for you. So be alert and stay near the lights and public area.
  • Don’t carry Jewelry while travelling: - If you are visiting a country to explore, so don’t carry Jewelry with you. It would be the reason that you should be chased by robs. You cannot judge what they can do, so again it would be harmful for you and please take care of it.
  • Getting too drunk on a night out and not know where you are, where to go and how reach at my place.

So at the end, I want to conclude that the gladdest moment in human life, is a departure into unknown lands. Man cannot discover new oceans unless he has the daring to lose sight of the shore. So the greatest reward and luxury of travel is to be able to experience everyday things as if for the first time, to be in a place in which nearly nothing is so familiar it is taken for fixed. 


  1. Some great tips for a new international traveler to stay safe and have a great trip!

  2. Great tips. I'm always paranoid about losing my passport.

  3. Great post - I have lost my passport on my first time solo travel and have never found it back, but that has not prevented me from traveling again. Departure and heading over to the unknown places is one of my pleasant moments.

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  6. losing my passport or forgetting at home is always my biggest fear. great post, congrats!

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