Monday, 20 March 2017

Travel alone is a good experience by Nitin Khanna

Whenever we travel, we look for trip mates, sometimes it’s good and sometimes they spoil the trip. While it’s good to share a special trip and experiences with friends and family, there’s an enthralling case for travelling alone after some time. Travelling alone can work for everyone, whether you’re single, married, in a relationship, fussy, or quiet. As the law of nature that everything has some positive and negative, but I am more delightful and wants to share the positive things about it.

  • Pack your bag and go anyway
As it is big obstacle and problem most of the time that you want to go and enjoy your holidays or want to spend time at your favorites or likely place, but another person is busy, or doesn’t want to go for that place, they have any reason behind. You cannot force him/her, otherwise it will be a trip for you but it’s an obligation of other.  So make you mind, pack your bag and go anyway, where you want.

  • Don’t kill your wish
Is there something you’ve been dying to try that no one is willing to try with you? Maybe you’d like to go scuba diving at Barracuda Point, Sipadan Island, Malaysia, but you friend or mate doesn’t have interest in scuba diving or he/she is afraid of it. So don’t sacrifice your dreams, specifically when all you have to do is get there.

  • Your Company is best for you
If you rarely spend noteworthy time with yourself, you may be surprised at how enjoyable you are. You can truly live your thoughts and entertain your own dreams. An alone trip can be an influential, thoughtful, life-changing experience for you. Nobody can interrupt you when you are sitting on a beach and listing the voice of waves at sunset or natter your favorite song.

  • Make New Connections 
You will meet new people at new places. Their culture, their language may be different, so you can talk with them regarding their culture, their life-style and share your thoughts. You can know the taste of people, their problem and relate with them and even they will related with you and make new connections with them.

  • Do what you want
Many times you got shy and do not do what you want. When you travel alone, you are not obliged to entertain anyone except yourself.  If you want to go for Spa, Beach Party, Play Casino or any bar for hangover; don’t stop yourself, now you won’t have to answer to anyone.

  • Improves your personality 
Travel alone will boost your confidence and learn new things from new people. It uplifts you mentally and physically. A successful alone holiday will encourage you to handle even worse situations in your life.

  • Absence makes your bond stronger 
Absence makes your bond stronger As well said absence makes your relationship with your companion or partner stronger. Go alone on vacation opportunity puts the new energy in your relationship and reminds you the place of your partner or beloved in your life.

  • Superb Services
For some reason, service at hotels and restaurants looks better when you’re traveling alone. People incline to respect those who travel alone, and it’s conceivable that when you make it known, you could be in for a sweet room promotion or a cocktail “on the house”.

I think single traveler is more useful, because he reflects more. Don’t be afraid to walk alone. Don’t be afraid to like it. The man who goes alone can begin today, but he who travels with another will wait till the other get ready.


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  2. I have been solo travel for many years now and I agree with all the points here. I have made many new friends and encountered superb service many times - people even treat me for meals because they admire my adventurous spirit. I think travel alone taught me more about this world and help me survive in the hardest situation- I have nobody to count on but myself. Thanks for sharing this, those are reasons why we travel alone at the first place.

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