Monday, 27 March 2017

My Last Visit to Germany by Nitin Khanna

A few weeks ago I had the wonderful opportunity to travel to Germany to explore new places in the world. It was a mix experience for me; some usual and some unknown things for me. I always excited to visit any new place and done some homework and create a list of popular things about that place, I did the same and landed to German. Germany has firmly well-known itself as a high class travel destination. The crowd was happy-go-lucky from all over the world; everyone was very eager to see the real beauty of Germany.

Here are some outstanding properties of Germany which attracts you to come here again and again:

1. River cruises on the Rhine and Maine : The enthralling beauty of the German countryside, with its appealing landscapes, graceful old castles hanging on the nearby hilltops, and wineries extending as far as you can see.

2. The Carnival Season : The carnival celebrations, taking place in a number of cities and provinces in Germany; especially the western and southwestern parts:-
 The weekend and over Rose Monday just before Ash Wednesday, ‘Fifth Season,’ as it is also called, brings with it an explosion of colors: decorated glides, all kinds of glitzy dresses, peculiar setups mocking statesmen, street dancers and parading bands.

3. Berlin Film Festival : Most trendy events in the international cinematographic calendar with number of different types and spanning the full spectrum of global film production. 

4. City of Berlin : For the young; the creative stirrings of this lively city, with its alternative art-scene, ‘underground’ culture and wild parties are an encouraging experience. 

5. Oktoberfest : Beer devotees should, at least once in their era, attend this great festival and join in the fun of downing sequential, to the sounds of ‘Oompah Bands’ while dining on ‘wurst,’ ‘hendl’ and ‘schweinebraten,’ and generally, celebrating all things Bavarian. 

6. City of Munich : Capital city of Bavaria, located near the foothills of the Alps, with its typical decorative construction, beautiful parks, world-class museums and nearby castles. Munich is a delightful city full of leftovers of its majestic past; Munich’s whole culture of beer gardens greatly adds to its friendly character. 

7. German Food : One of the great belongings about Germany is the delicious food one becomes to eat while over there. With all its ‘wurst’ this and ‘wurst’ that (1500 different types of sausages) served with sauerkraut and potato salad, attractive soups and stews, hundreds of different types of bread, all washed down with the best beer in the world, Germany is a true cooking wonderland. 

8. City of Hamburg : Hamburg, like few other cities in the world, has it all and more: incredible energy, multicultural flair, exciting nightlife, tons to see and do, and the list goes on …its extraordinary topographical position on the river Elbe with many canals and lake Alster not far from the city center, Hamburg allows for an unbelievable diversity of outdoor activities like beech sports etc. 

9. Germans : Last but not least, a good reason to go to Germany is to meet and make friends with Germans. While some of the categorizes about them ring true, they only suitably cover one half of the truth while sieving out the other half of the equivalence; namely, while it is true that they are set aside and don’t exactly take to small talk like ducklings to water, once you earn their friendship and trust, you gain a friend who is lot more solid and real than many a super-sociable fragment with whom you quickly take off, only to apprehend they’re a ‘Potemkin village. 

Counting all the above fascinations that makes you visiting this country worth its while would be an unnerving task – the imaginable reasons are so many and so assorted that any attempt at shortlisting “the best ones” would smack of inappropriateness and of having an axe to grind, beautiful scenery, great architecture, lively festivals, glamorous events, electrifying nightlife, delicious food and the best beer ever – Germany has it all and more…

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