Thursday, 16 March 2017

How to Stay Healthy on a Road Trip by Nitin Khanna

How to stay healthy on a road trip by Nitin KhannaRoad trip! Two words that can either lift your spirits in foresight of your up and coming touring arrangements or give you a sinking sentiment fear. With a couple of simple procedures set up, however, any road trip can be fun and healthy —something you'll need to do once more. Read on to this below lines to how you can figure out how to eat well, stay comfortable, and touch base at your destination feeling thrilled and revived.

  • Bring smart snacks : Load your bag with plenty of nutritious, easy-to-eat snacks like low-sugar yogurt cups.
  • Choose water : Choose water. Bring a few reusable (BPA-free) water bottles and fill them up at every rest stop.
  • Stretching is important : Stretch your legs (and shoulders and neck). You must stop frequently (at least a few times a day) to get out of the car, move around, and do a few stretches.
  • Don’t forget to carry SPF : Carry SPF to protect your skin against sunlight. Windshields and windows do not completely protect your skin. A good set of sunglasses is essential to protect eyes from the sun. Exposure to too much sunshine can damage skin, vision and even cause certain kinds of cancers.
  • Choose a perfect posture : While driving for more than one day, comfort in the driver’s seat is essential and of the passengers too. Adjust the seat and bring pillows and seat supports to make the car seat as comfortable as possible. Take frequent breaks to roll the shoulders, stretch the neck, and realign posture.
  • Be Flexible : Unless running cross-country to meet a particular due date, consider an additional day or two of travel time. As a result there's a lot of time to investigate a shrouded waterfall a couple of miles rough terrain, take a lot of picturesque bypasses, and keep the general state of mind tranquil.

Being on road trip is completely a different experience. Go experience and stay healthy with the above mentioned tips by Nitin Khanna.

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